Air filter wanted to suit 1 1/2" pipe

Hi folks,
I'm looking for an air filter to suit my 1947 Dennis Bros. motor mower.
I was hoping to find an original A.C. Sphinx oil bath filter, but have
had no luck. So I bought a couple of filters which accept a paper
cartridge, which were sold as being suitable for a 1 1/2" pipe, but
neither fits as they actually have a 1 7/16" hole. So now I'm most
Does anyone here have a surplus air filter of any kind with a genuine 1
1/2" hole? Metal filters in keeping with the age of the machine would be
preferred, but I'll consider anything. If anyone has such a filter
they'd be willing to sell, or knows of a source, I'd be very grateful if
they could let me know. You can e-mail me at chris AT ruggedmachines DOT
Many thanks,
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Christopher Tidy
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There are a few on ebay ATM which look like they might do the job - a couple marked Villiers and one A.C. mistakenly identified as Allis Chalmers!
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Nick H
Thanks, Nick. I actually just spotted the A.C. this morning. I'm hoping I'll be able to win that auction if it's the right size.
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Christopher Tidy

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