Bamford EG2 Radiator Cooled

A few months ago I purchased what I believe to be the remains of a somewhat
unsual radiator cooled Bamford EG2. When I bought it the engine was a
basically a shell, all the external components such as mag, tank, silencer,
carb, chain gaurd etc had been removed. However thanks to Dan Howden I have
pretty much everything I need other than the actual radiator and cowling, to
have a go at restoring it (as a result I also have a number of spares for
the small Bamford EV's. If anybody needs anything, e-mail me off group)
At some point however it appears to have had a replacement cylinder head
(the current head is a different colour to the rest of the engine) and to
have been converted to hopper cooling.
Pictures of the engine can be found at
formatting link

After asking Phil Wood (Bamford Helpline) for info he sent me the following
diagram showing the radiotor and cowling arrangements.
formatting link

Does anybody know of another radiotor cooled one, or anywhere I may be able
to gain some more information on this engine, or just know of anywhere I may
be able to find a suitable radiator to fit.
Mike M
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Looks like you need a flywheel off a Petter A1, and a Rad off a mini (e.g. Ebay #280041590555), and a lot of patience to make a tin cover (though it does look suspiciously like a Coborn/Browett fan guard!)
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Dan Howden

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