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Can anybody help? I have a Chinese twin 295CMA diesel marine engine. This engine was imported by AJ Marine Diesels who I rang today. They told me that they no longer import this engine due to low demand and loosing contact with the agent but they have some spares left. This engine was removed from a boat some time ago, probably 2-3 years or more ago, as the owner was concerned over its reliability. I was told it had some work done on the injection pump twice but the owner was not happy and had another brand of engine fitted. Anyway I ended up with this engine/gearbox and now its the time to look at it. On initial investigation the pump has definitely been fiddled with as the fuel priming pump nuts and other injector pump nuts were loose. The pump bleed hole has been araldited over. So I've done the nuts up and tried to get some fuel through but to no avail. Cranking the engine over, pumping the pump and trying to bleed the system is no good, nothing coming out of the injector end of the delivery pipe. The guy from AJ was fairly helpful and told me he had injector parts, even a new injector pump he thinks but these are all some fifteen miles from his base and was reluctant to go and look until I said I wanted it (understandable) no prices were discussed. He also told me the pump was based on a Bosch unit. Now to my request for help. I have spent some time looking for information on the net for Bosch injector pumps, diagrams, manuals or any help at all, but no luck. So if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. I intend to take it to bits and have a look but if this is completely foolish, find some one who knows about these things. As you have probably gathered I don't, but hey its broke anyway.


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If it is indeed based on a Bosch unit pump, then the chances are that Bosch elements and delivery valves will fit.

Pump general details:

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for the A series (small) pump

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for the B series (larger) pump

Bit of blurb about pumps and injectors and more pictures:

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