Stuart type H diesel

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My brother in law is restoring a 1938 ex RNLI lifeboat. The auxiliary generator is a Stuart type H single 2stroke diesel, the cylinder for which is badly cracked up due to salt water corrosion. The rest of the engine seems to be reasonable and for the sake of authenticity he would like to have this engine back in running order. Does anyone out there have a good cylinder for sale or know where one might be obtained? Alternatively , any sound way of repairing the cylinder , the bore seems to be ok but the waterways are cracked to the holes for the cylinder head studs and ports at the top of the cylinder? The cylinder part number is 6151 and the cost of a new one in

1941 was £6 0s 0d Thanks in Advance Robert.
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Bob Holmes
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Hello Bob There is an owner of one of these who regularly contributes to this group but he is away at the moment. Hopefully he will reappear next week. regards

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Roland and Celia Craven

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