Brass rivets

Would anyone know the proper name of a type of round headed brass rivet with a spiral flute on it's shaft, the ones I used to use were around 2mm dia with a 3mm dia head & 6mm in length, we used them for attaching steel rules to the machines we built, drilling a blind hole & then just tapping them in.

I just can't remember what they were called, the old memory isn't what it once far as I can remember

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Type U hammer drive rivet


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

Also know as Drive Screws, Listers etc use a No4 x 1/4" to hold the brass labels.

Andy M milestones

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We used to call them "one way wonders"!


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

I've always called them tap-tights - don't know whether this is a brand name or not.


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Dan Howden

Erm, any suggestions where I might be able to get hold of a few? I need 2 not 1000 : Thanks all

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