crossley 1040 -starting

hello all ,
well ive got a spark from the mag , checked almost everything - so
were about to attempt to start the heavy beast .
any instructions .. tips to be advised on ???
what is the procedure for starting ?
thanks - john dungan ,
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john dungan
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Thumb on the same side of the handle as the fingers and don't WLF :-) best of luck Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
My 1040 had its air intake fitted pointing away from the crankcase instead of pointing into the recess to facilitate "choking" with the palm of my hand over the inlet until it fired. Fill the starting chamber with clean petrol and either petrol or paraffin in the main tank.( Mine needed one more fill with petrol before it was hot enough to run on paraffin.) Open the petrol valve about 1 1/2-2 turns, choke as described and crank like hell til it fires, bearing in mind Roland's very wise advice on the required grip on the starting handle,backfires can be a very painful experience if that advice isn't heeded! Change over to the main tank just as the petrol in the starting chamber is running out and slowly trim back the mixture screw until the engine runs smoothly and smokelessly! That's how I did it anyway, and it suited both my little Crossleys. Others will doubtlessly have better ideas!!
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