dateing my crossley ph 1030, engine no 103528

hi, just brought my first engine, would like to know how old it is. its plate
has engine no 103528 , bhp 3 and revs 650. also where i can buy parts for it.
cheers Bruce
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If you go to this Website
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and then go to the Forum and ask the question you may have more chance of getting an answer. As to buying parts you will not get new parts but maybe able to find second hand spares at Enstone Bring and Buy on Enstone Airfield Oxon for instance which is on the 10th November.
Martin P
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The Crossley records are held by the Anson museum. Google them then ask.
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Roland Craven
Interestingly the OP appears to post from which is a paper domain only. I wonder why.
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Roland Craven
I'd take a stab at 1928/29 on the dating.
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