Early Tangye Gas Engine stolen, with others

Hi --
I've had a 1900-ish open crank 7hp Tangye Gas Engine for 20 years.
single flywheel, very heavy brute. In poor condition, as cast iron
crystallised in places.
Literally dug it out of slurry pit in Wokingham. It had gone into the
pit before
WW2..... Still got the pix of us lifting it out.
I've got too many toys, so I was trying to find it a caring home. Even
put in on
here approx 4 years ago. Offered it to TangyeDan. Decided to give it
to Paul
Evans at Internal Fire as an interesting "before & after" exhibit --
with this
being the "before" part of the equation.
Went down to collect it last week. Gone. Lock broken off garage door.
lost a very unusual '20s National water pump from a combined engine/
unit, a Bamford vertical, 3 Listers, a large cast iron engine
transporter. & some
odd stuff,
Very annoying. I still have one large cast ID plate from the engine,
plus the
brasses, as they had been removed. Rest is believed to have been
in as scrap, straight from the garage. How the hell the thieves pulled
out over
2 tons of engines & just walked off with them beats me ......
Sad to see a piece of genuine engine history go this way. Very few
really early
engines left. A caution to us all ......
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pikeys specialise in scrap but tend not to go far have you been round local scrap yards?
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vic the barge
Report the theft to the police. It's unlikely to be followed up but it will go on the crime stats.
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