Enfield TS twin info sought

I have a generator designed to run the Kerrison Predictor for a WW2 Bofors gun. The engine is a 250cc Enfleld two stroke flat twin, coils in the flywheel, not attached externally. It has taken me a while to get around to it, but I had the points cover off today and cleaned them properly, fully expecting a spark upon re-assembly.

Nothing. Oh dear.

The previous owner tells me the coils were rewound by Martin Percy a couple of years ago, so I am rather surprised to find there is not a twitch from the end of the plug lead when I attach my poor shrinking pinkie!

Before I disembowel the beast, am I missing something obvious - like an off switch in the line somewhere?


Kim Siddorn

In spring, a man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of getting his motorcycle on the road!

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Kim Siddorn
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