Engines for sale

- in my local free ads paper.
Fairbanks-Morse 6hp Z type, on trolley - £550
Lister L type, flick mag - £100 needs restoring
Lister CS - £100 needs restoring
Lister G2 - £100, needs restoring.
All Stroud, Glos. 07810-333543
Lister 1925 B9, 3.5hp, single flywheel. On trolley, rallied last year -
£250. 01453 - 844230 WuE, Glos
No connection to me ..........
Kim Siddorn.
The Darhads keep Genghis's
ceremonial butter lamp lit and
every year they perform the
ritual filling of his wooden bucket
with mare's milk. The bucket, it is
said, leaks in the direction that will
bring the Mongols prosperity.
Is the DOW or the FTSE any better?
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Kim Siddorn
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