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Well a Briggs & Stratton generator finally made its way to the top of the list today. It was a fairly simple job to get it going fortunately. I'd last tried running it some years ago but it was remarkably unhappy. I suspected a clogged air filter and was right. It was the old sponge type which was oil soaked. It broke up as soon as I removed it so was confined to the bin. The fuel bowl was cleaned and a few pints of petrol went in the tank. Opening the fuel tap proved the petrol made it to the carb as it ran out of the bottom. The fuel was left shut off while I tried a start on what was left in the carb. No luck at the first few pulls so out with the spark plug. A quick clean and back in with it.

That did it. She started and ran. A bit roughly at first but soon warmed up enough to open the choke. Opening the petrol tap let it run on with not a leak anywhere. Perhaps the vibration seated the float valve.

Next the output was checked. 230V at the terminals was a good sign after a little tweaking of the governor. It's a 2.5KVA set so a 2kW fan heater was connected to load her up a bit. She took the load well, holding a constant speed. The output climbed slightly to 240V which surprised me but it shouldn=92t be a problem. I let it run for about 20 mins to get nice and warm and stretch her legs. Another check over showed no problems so it looks like I=92ve a nice unit waiting to get used. Now all we need is another power cut.


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