Hot fog!

Yes, whisper it, my head has been turned by a model steam engine:-

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Now I wonder if I could nail something similar together out of the scrap box?

No apologies for posting as in this instance ebay is really only being used as an advertising medium to promote a current production item.

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Nick H
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Does it need to work ? Those early low pressure or atmospheric engines are absolute buggers to get working on a small scale. The pressure and vicosity effects all scale in a way to conspire against you.

I've made two - one about 6' tall, the other about 18" tall. Both took the same time to make, only the bigger one ever worked.

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Andy Dingley

Country Museum took a long time to get going fairly reliably......its all to do with yer snifting valve guv......and we won't even mention wind logging!


Philip T-E

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"Andy Dingley" wrote (snip):-

Yes, I can't abide 'static' models. Funnily enough I set out to build a Newcomen engine as a school project (over 25 years ago now) but time overtook me and when I left, I was still only half way through the previous project of an epicyclic reduction gear for the Pilgrim pump on one of my father's Scott motorcycles. Dad eventually completed the job and I believe it is still going strong.

Back to the plot; the Science Museum has a model which runs - don't know what size it is though:-

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And I assume the Sussex Steam model has been tested - so not impossible with

1" bore.

I know it's a bit OT but I'd love to hear more about your experience of trying to get this 'prime mover MK1' running on a small scale.

Ps. Now I've got that damned song about Barstow going round and round in my head in all it's discordant glory again - I had to listen to the whole 'Fingerprice' cd to flush it out last time!

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Nick H

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