How many?

I know a guy from Newton Stewart who worked for a company who ran a "Diamond T" as a wrecker and he said it was a serious task driving that one with it's

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Surely you've heard of a donor engine :-) ttfn Roland PS the answer is way too many and never enough

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Roland and Celia Craven

This is a good thread, innit?

I can still get to the bench OK - at least enough to stand in front of a work area and the vice - but have to thread my way though the engines etc to reach the other end. It is getting rather silly and I've decided to renovate and sell my two P55 marines (with another in bits), the P55 industrial, the P5 marine and other yet unspecified air compressors, dynamos and vacuum pumps.

Except for the Crossley, the bigger engines are under plastic in the garden and they seem none the worse for it. I drag 'em out on regular rainless days and run them up. As I prefer air cooled lumps, they don't stand at risk of frosting. and as long as the mags have well fitted end covers, they don't get soggy either.


J. Kim Siddorn, Regia Anglorum

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