Tired but happy

Not long back (foul drive!) from a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Paul and
Hazel at Internal Fire. I'm staggered at the changes since my last visit in
June. From memory there are now 12 engines running. The big Rustons are a
study in near silent power, The Hamworthy runs better than any other I've
seen despite mild incontinence, and the Crossley VO7 has the delicious sound
one expects of a two-stroke semi-diesel. However the one that really made an
impact on my soul was the vast 3 cylinder Bellis & Morcom diesel. Oooh I do
like that :-) Apparently its only a baby!
Amongst today's visitors were two guys who drove down from Liverpool having
seen the letter in SEM. They went away smiling too.
I'm used to climbing over engines to get round my workshop but engines you
climb up are a new experience.....
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Roland and Celia Craven
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Roland how long did it take from you. Martin P
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Roland, truly a horrible night for driving in Wales or anywhere else.
Sounds a nice outing, worth the effort.
I'm getting the feeling a visit to Internal fire might be a good group joint effort . Sadly Xmas would be out for me, but New Year could be a possibility,
Any Takers?
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton
Tonight in a howling gale, p***ing rain and with the, albeit empty, trailer up 4 1/4 hours but solo its an easy 3 1/2 and the last few miles after the M4 are through some beautiful country. Of course I may be influenced by the presence of several fine sea-trout rivers which were showing their bones on the way up and in foaming brown flood on the way back :-) Season ends tomorrow- flippin typical! ttfn Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
My mate and I are daft enough.
Martin P
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I knew you would be :-)
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
Evening, Hazel and I would like to thank Roland for the help he gave us on his visit, he got his hands well and truly dirty :-)
If anyone feels like making the trip we will do our best to make sure they enjoy themselves!
Cheers Paul & Hazel -- ____________________________________
Internal Fire, Museum of Power, Wales
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Paul Evans

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