Indian Lister style engine

Hi All,
I need some advice from this group . I searched here in the U.S.
for a Lister Cold Start Diesel engine without any luck . Could not find
much information about them until I did a search on Google.
I have purchased a 6/1 Indian made Lister type engine. The qaulity seems to be
poor . I would like to rebuild it to lister specs which I can't find.
The connecting rod bearing has .013 play and this I think is to large.
The idler gear for the cam is looseand the tapped holes are of poor quality also
What is the going price on old Lister CS 3/1 3.5/1 5/1 or 6/1 engine in the
Thanks for any and all replies.
Best Regards,
Caroll F. Via
Oviedo Florida U.S.
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Caroll Via
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i just bought a 5/1 for £250. But I am not experienced in the hobby, so maybe i paid a little too much. If you go to farm auctions, and you spot something nice, i would think you would get it for almost nothing
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From £50 to £150 are the going prices for a complete non-runner to a complete runner. Restored and shiny engines fetch more, especially at auctions, and a dd £50 for a radiator cooled engine, and the 3/1 being rarer commands a slightly higher price.
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Peter A Forbes

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