Internationaly (In)famous

I have just received an E Mail from a Chelmsford MA collector who wished
to contact a Danish friend of mine. He had read an article in the English
engine magazine that I wrote in 1999 about Jens restoring an early MAN Diesel
engine. Jens died shortly afterwards.
When I asked how he had found how to contact me as I had changed my address,
he said he was at a show near Massachusetts & asked if anyone had my E Mail.
He said someone gave him my correct address.
As I have never been anywhere near the USA this must rate me as Infamous. 8^)
Taking the subject seriously Look at the following posts.
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It seems that some (so called) friends of Jens who were part of the management
committee arranged for a fleet of large vehicles with lifting equipment to go to
museum that Jens had spent a large portion of his life starting up.
They smashed the door & removed the majority of the exhibits, most of which
knows where they are.
The MAN diesel is still there as it was too large to stea (Pardon me I mistyped
previous 4 characters) remove. The reproduction engine room had been destroyed.
I am not in the country but as Jens was one of my best friends I am totally
devastated at
what has happened.
I cannot pass on what I have heard as to names Etc as legal proceedings may
I hope I never have to post anything like this again.
Dave Croft
Warrington England
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Dave Croft
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