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Currently working on an ex-Start-O-Matic 6/1 engine.
After 2 years have managed to release the piston, but the governor
mechanism is also seized. I imagined that the best way to free it off
would be to remove the cam shaft end cover to gain access to the moving
parts of the governor.
On removing the two securing nuts, the end cover remains immovable - I
can see a bit of movement on one side only (presumably the cover
deforming) if I hammer a fox wedge into the small gap adjacent to the
fuel pump mount, but it is tight on the side where the governor
operating rod goes into the end cover.
David Edgington's instruction book does not go into details of removal
of this part, and the parts diagram is not very helpful with regards to
what mates with what on the inside.
Does anybody have experience of removing the cam shaft end cover to
provide any guidance?
Ta, from a chilly West Sussex,
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John Ambler
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IIRC Mine had 3 nuts. The most probable cause is the governer sleeve rusted fast on the camshaft or the governer arm fast in the casing, or both :-) That will stop movement. If the flywheel is off then you can remove the cam followers and bring the whole camshaft and cover out. Again from memory I think the other end of the shaft is taper-pinned hth Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
Thanks for the input Roland.
The flywheels and keys are also locked solid, so withdrawing the entire shaft and end cover might be impossible - a partial removal might be possible however which would give me a chance to douse the seized bits in releasing fluid. The cam followers are now free so no problem from that quarter. I remember from my working CS that the other end has a pinned collar as you suggest, so that may well be reasonable when asked politely to come off.
The crazy thing is that of two seized engines, this is the one that was dry stored. The engine which came from a collapsed shed and which disgorged about a gallon of water from the crankcase when I opened the hatch has a governor which is as free as a bird - perverse or what??
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John Ambler
I feared the flywheel might be stuck too. I think its time to remove the crankcase door and then, whilst lying on the floor and using your famed Twizzle impersonation, well soak it all in diesel :-) regards Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven

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