Making a silencer

My new acquisition, a Bernard W10, It came with no silencer, so I made one
up on Saturday evening out of a penny, a big nut and two bits of copper
central heating pipe.
Find a thin nut that will not quite fit over the smaller pipe. File out
thread until it will just drive over it. Bell end of pipe slightly to accept
penny. Drive in penny with hammer, lock into place with threadless nut
driven over the OD. Silver solder or braze up.
Drill a double line of offset holes in the sides of the small pipe.
File slots in the flats of the nut. Find a shorter length of pipe that will
slide over the hexagon of the thin nut. Find a big washer that will slide
over small pipe and cover the hole at the end of the larger pipe. File to
fit and braze up.
The gas finds it's way around the trenched flats on the thin nut and it is
very effective. Polished, it also has the amusing characteristic of changing
colour gradually as the day progresses. ;o))
Kim Siddorn
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J K Siddorn
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