Wessex Crank up

I had a pleasant, laid back day out yesterday. I took my recently purchased Bernard W10 (air-cooled motorcycley thing with vee-displaced pushrod tubes) for its first walkies and was not disappointed.

The one day rally (that's what it was, really,) was well attended and I counted 140+ people standing around the place when they drew the raffle prizes at 3.00pm, some 18 car boot stalls (nice portable gramophone for £45, but I didn't have enough with me) and (I think) 38 engines. There are over

350 members in the club, so although there are some stalwarts who rotate their exhibits - if you understand me - there is always something new to see. I am not alone in bringing the odd Discussion Item along and yesterday I took the barrel and head from a Bristol Pegasus Mk XVIII and stood it on my picnic table!

There was a vintage and Classic bike & car display with about ten bikes and five cars. Frankly, it was so well attended that if they'd had any more turn up, they would simply have had to turn people away. I arrived just before

10.00am and was the last possible car they could squeeze in, only then by shuffling the trailers about.

Bernie the Engine ran well after an initial 'clean the plug every half hour', I got its measure and it ran all day without trouble. Although running rich enough to soot up the plug occasionally, it used a very frugal amount of petrol. I liked it and would entertain a second date...........

It was an excellent day out.


Kim Siddorn

I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a free frontal lobotomy!

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