New Photos.

Hello all, Happy Easter.
I have posted several more pictures to my engine and aircraft albums and
created a new album with 22 photos of tractors, mowers and other farm iron
which is on a property nearby. Lots of neat stuff! Not all stationary
engines but still old iron.
One item is an old John Deer tractor. I don't know what model. Another
item is what appears to be a small pump or compressor off of a larger piece
of equipment. The attached ball is made of heavy cast iron. Any opinions are
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Scott McAfee
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Scott McAfee
The John Deer is almost certainly an early "Styled" Model BW The "Anteater Nose" was somewhat less pronounced on later BW's.
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Richard H Huelin
Thanks Richard, I will see what I can find on the BW model.
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Scott McAfee

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