OT - help finding rubber coate rollers.

Morning all, this is not just OT, it is way OT. As we have quite a number of engineering types posting and lurking, I'm hoping someone will know a possible source who can machine rubber coated rollers.

On some of our old fashioned manual capacitor winding machines, are rubber rollers which the plastic film passes over. They need to be rubber to provide grip. They are typically 74 mm od (almost 3") by 57mm wide. The construction is aluminium, coated in rubber to a depth of about 10mm. Ours have now got rather perished and battle-scarred. We are not talking about many, so a small guy would seem the best option.

I'm sure plenty of people must make this sort of thing, the problem is I don't know any of them!

I would be grateful for any suggestions for suppliers.

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin
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I have often wondered what the significance is of the 'mfdcapacitors' in your email address, now all is clear.

Try Carter Manufacturing, 01865 821 720. I know they make rubber coated cam follower type bearings and will entertain small runs of specials so may be able to help you.

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Nick Highfield

Kennedy Grinding at Craven Arms grind rubber coated rollers for the printing industry. I had some steel ground there a while back and saw rubber cylinders being ground and asked what they were from. Regrinding these is quite a regular job in a printing shop I believe. If this place is too far away from you, ask a local printer or newspaper. We always sent our grinding material to Kennedy's via a carrier so distance wasn't a problem. I always found them helpful and good to deal with. Usual no connection disclaimer.


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John Manders

Regal Rubber,Cartmore Ind Estate,Lochgelly,Fife.,will recover your rollers.They also have a factory in Manchester.If you can`t get the number from enquiries I can dig it out for you. Regards,Mark.

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Mark McGrath

Thanks for all your on-group and off-group replies. Looks like I have some good leads to follow.

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Arthur Griffin

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