P55's for sale

It's no good, I really must get rid of some stuff. I'm now in the position of having all the bits to build a bike for the summer and absolutely no place to do it!

Therefore, I'll make a start by moving on two Stuart Turner P55 marine engines, complete with gear boxes. One is coil ignition and the other is magneto ignited.

Both are complete and rotate freely with good compression. They could do with a coat of paint which is exactly what I'm going to do next in order to advertise them in next month's SEM.

As they stand, I'll sell both for £200 or £125 for either. As they are complete with gear boxes, I think this is a reasonable price, so I'm unlikely to dicker much from that. I suppose if someone offered me a mouth-watering swap, I'd be tempted, but that would be mean as I really am trying to make some space. ;o))

I'll also be looking to sell a big (2 foot tall) compressor, a similar sized vacuum pump and a smaller compressor just over 12" tall. All currently cosmetically inferior but in good mechanical order.

The price will rise when the paint dries!

Please contact me off list if you are interested.


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn
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