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A friend is producing a quiz to be circulated to paying visitors at a local Agricultural show, which includes stationary engines. The idea is they stump up a quid for the quiz and can win £20 or whatever it is if they get the highest number of correct answers. The answers are themed around the show content, so there are livestock, vintage car and tractor questions, and of course SE questions as well. Being desperate, she asked me and I complied, as Jeni tells me I must always do what women say.

Anyway, I did some anagrams amongst the questions and here are some more for you to scratch your head over, or ignore, as you please (disregard capitalisation and abbreviations). If you are the lucky devil who gets all the answers right first, I'll buy you a pint at Astle Park!

Example first: Cheaply made engine from the South-West: Ten try a damp hen. Petter Handyman

British engine maker: Gay ten.

US engine producer: A son breaks firm.

Another British maker: Byron hurts son.

Popular open crank engine: Me, I'm on a handcar.

Popular hopper cooled engine: Jolt is ruiner.

Something many of you will have read today: Einstein, a tiny Oz garageman.

Not beloved of rallyists with "real" engines: Necktie nine get try.

Floral engine? Tip Pluto.

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton
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arthur - by god u've racked my brains for the past hour on that one - but i cracked it !

i wont post my answer's until the other lads give it a go - but all i can say is you owe me a coke the next time your in ireland ! good luck with the unscrambling lads !!

regards - john

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