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> I actually read on an MSN website article > about 'green' driving that you could use straight > vegetable oil (SVO) in a diesel. Well you cannot, without modifying > the engine either through heated fuel lines or a twin tank system. So > the amount of dis-information/lack of knowledge on the whole subject > is worrying.

Your statement is only adding to the dis-information/lack of knowledge on the subject. How do you explain my 50k miles using up to 30% WVO in summer and 20% SVO all winter? You are assuming everyone has a common rail type engine, I may risk 20% SVO in a UK summer with common rail but this is still a risk. Saying you cannot use oil without modifications is basically wrong, an old Mercedes in a warm climate will cope with 100% SVO. Indirect injection using Bosch fuel equipment and glow plugs with after start heating makes for an engine which is very tollerant of vegetable oil. Most other vehicles need a thinner fuel though, blending is one way of reducing viscosity, so is chemically thinning (biodiesel), and the other way is by heating (twin tanks or electric heating). For oil use info visit -

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biodiesel info -
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