Well you lot are all very quite. Are you hibernating or something?
I've been watching the various news reports of frozen Britain with
loads of snow and we've got none here in Oxfordshire. Damn annoying it
is too. There's been a very light dusting once but nowhere near enough
to play in. No snowmen. No sledging. I managed to just about find
enough to throw a couple of snowballs and that's about it. Even work
has stayed open and they normally close the site at the first flake of
white stuff, for H&S reasons you understand. Whimps, all of them.
Still it gives me a day off when they do :-) Shame it hasn't happened.
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I did several hundred miles last week and saw hardly any and didn't get stuck once, cant see what the fuss has been about :-)) Last week I was in Portsmouth I woke up to the BBC Breakfast news that the south east including where I was was at a stand still, I opened the curtains to my Hotel bedroom to find a heavy frost and the drive home was a nice but chilly day with hardly any snow to look at all the way to Rushden Northants via the M3, A34 and A45 and then home to Bedfordshire. I began to think it was all miss information, today it is raining and +2C :-))
Martin P
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Bristol to Kempton Park (top of the M3) yesterday - doddle. Chucked it down with rain on the way back. Froze overnight and Wessex had a crank up today so when I looked out at 7.00 it looked very treacherous and, as it is a hobby, I found that distraction was the better part of velour and retired to my bed again!
'course, absolutely stunning day now!
Kim Siddorn
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Mine's (now) the best insulated part of the house and there's a glass kiln running in there. I currently run between workshop, fireplace and duvet, spending as little time as possible elsewhere.
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Andy Dingley

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