Had a grisly evening, 4" of snow which immediately froze hard, gridlock all round Luton/Hitchin/Bedford.

We stayed at the factory until 10pm and got home quite normally although 30mph limit on the M1 with substantial snow deposits on all lanes.

Philip left at 6.30pm, got home 15 minutes before us.... although he did feed the nags on the way over from the A1.


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Peter A Forbes
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Peter, it seems a strange turn around. Normally the South East is basking in Winter sunshine while our mountains have been frozen solid for weeks. Your weather combined with southern traffic sounds a nightmare. Incidentally, I didn't see Kim Catherall last night as the evenings proceedings were cancelled because of the conditions.

Here, in North East Wales at 1000ft, we've got about 1 - 1.5 inches of snow on the ground. We've had rather less so far than I would expect in a normal Winter.

However, this morning while negotiating a steep hill, I nearly had the Landrover on its side.. The first snow had melted and refrozen, then got another layer on top for good measure. The back wheels decided they would like to be at the front for a change and I ended up going down the hill sideways. As it is a single vehicle width, I ended up wedged diagonally across the very steep slope, between two banks, but thankfully still upright. One 47 point turn later, I could slide down in a forward direction again. Phew!

Nice fresh deep snow is much easier to get around in. I haven't even bothered trying to drive the car for the last couple of days!

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin

We got sprinkling of snow here in Bristol - say an inch or so - but Swindon just 40 miles east got a thorough seeing to! I look out of my office window (3.00pm, faces almost due north) onto a snow-free landscape - the sun has taken it all away except in corners.

I'd better check the anti-freeze in the Crossley!


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

I always drain the Ruston, lets the innards dry out a bid over the winter and provides a home for a few arachnids... :-))


Kind regards,


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Two of us were working in Sheffield on Tuesday and yesterday, we left the University at 14:30 and headed south in a slight flurry of snow within half an hour it was blizzard conditions but the gritters were out as well on the M1and we made J15A at 17:00 which considering was quite good. Two and a half hours later we got to the other side of Northampton and it was 21:30 when I actually walked in through my front door. The weather as bad as it was was not the problem it was the "PRATS" who went out when they had no need, and there was plenty ringing up the local radio complaining there were no gritters and when asked how does a gritter work when the system is grid locked just got the hump even more, and there were those who panic when it rains let alone snow and were doing 90mph on the speedo but going nowhere fast. Getting stuck in a muddy field with a load soon teaches you respect when on snow and ice. Nobody had a clue. My Brothers partner took seven hours to get from Milton Keynes to Olney a journey of twenty minutes because every where she went people had dumped cars blocking the road and walked. My Brother and I know the area and took to country lanes, no cars lots of snow but easy to drive.

Martin P

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We haven't gone above -12 C for 6 days, 1 day within the last week was up to -6 C, but otherwise we have been in the deep freeze since about new years.

There is now about 25 or 30 cm of snow on the ground, but it has been so cold, it hasn't packed down at all to give a good base, so it blows around a lot.

It does let me get my stationary engine out to blow the snow around though!


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Should have stoped for a hour and let it race on down a head of you. Of course you'd have then been stuck in the chaos left behind...

Of course not, anybody living in the south (ie below Manchester level) and younger than about 30 won't have had any snow to practice on before... Think about it, driving at 17 no decent snow falls in the

90's 17 + 14 = 31...
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