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I'd had my eye on this as it not only had what would probably be a suitable main jet, but would at one fell swoop enable me to replace other variously abused components on the Norman carb (I think the choke tube would have been the only part I had to swap). With a starting price of £55, I was confident it wouldn't sell and thought the vendor might be amenable to an offer after the auction. Wrong! Not only was the auction ended early but at a price somewhat in excess of what the engine originally cost - am I missing something here?

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Nick H
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The second bidder has no history of buying almost anything at all but managed to push the price up substantially. I'd have been inclined to let it go after seeing that.


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Peter A Forbes

Not bad if your selling them I suppose. Ive got 3 of them sat in the garage, and all 3 cost me no where near that much. Incidently I also have 3 carbs to fit a Fowler which is essentially the same carb, but it just kicks out to the left. I bought them simply because they were cheap and I always seem to buy engines with these carbs missing.

Mike M


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Bought one of those carbs for my Fowler from a chap on the French for Euros, converting to about 12 english quid; some dodgy French on my part some strange English. That was 10 days ago - nothing turned up yet though.


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Kenneth John Russell

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