Stationary Merlins

The Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Newsletter 35, which landed on my mat this
morning, has several pages of text & photos of a visit to Rolls-Royce Derby
by Robin Byers and Peter Grieve with their trailered Merlins. The
contributor was obviously quite impressed - so he should be! - with the
engineering expertise shown in bringing these two engines to running
There was definitely a feeling of "go thou and do likewise" and, considering
the environment; this should bode well for the resurrection of Interesting
Engines in the future.
Specifically, Bristol Engines were cited as having restored the DB601
installed in the ME109 "Black Six" some 20 years ago and - more recently -
the Lucifer
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and the Coventry branch restored and ran a Puma.
In scratching around unsuccessfully for a picture of the Lucifer, I did come
across a downloadable PDF of " Aero-Engines Exhibited & Stored In The United
Kingdom & Ireland"
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which may be of interest to many contributors here.
Running to 48 pages, I'm just amazed there are so many engines in so many
places, some very unusual - for instance, who would have looked for a
Rolls-Royce "Hawk" of 1916 vintage in the Windermere Steamboat Museum?
Very interesting - ain't the Internet wonderful ;o))
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Kim Siddorn
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Isn't a boat museum (racing powerboats) one of the _first_ places you'd look for old aero engines ?
Prohibition would never have been defeated and the Kennedys would never have got rich if it hadn't been for WW1-surplus Libertys!
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Andy Dingley
I take your point, but there is nothing in the name of the museum that might lead one to expect anything more than a Watt & Stephenson experience ;o))
The "Aero Engines in the UK" PDF - I printed one off & have spent some time poring over it. There are some real gems: there are at least three surviving DB610's (Daimler-Benz, double-V24 inverted), Cosford, Hendon & the NMSI. I knew there was a Napier Nomad (flat 12, sleeve valve, ts Diesel compounded with an axial flow gas turbine) at NMSI Wroughton, but not that there was another at the Museum of Flight, East Lothian - who, BTW, also have an ME163.
Sorry, I'll shut up now ;o))
J. Kim Siddorn,
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Kim Siddorn

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