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I noticed mention of this company in an earlier posting along with Crossley, Furnival, (no one mentioned Sisons), Bellis and Morcom and Allen Gwynnes. W H Allen were a fine engineering company, starting of with steam engines, they moved to turbines and diesel engines, the S12 and S47, (these followed some earlier models). I seem to recall Allens built some very early industrial / marine gas turbines some were used on Alfred Holt vessels (I think?). Allen Gwynnes built a huge range of centrifugal pumps, mainly in Lincoln. Many of their designs are with Weirs in Glasgow. Allens merged with Bellis and Morcom, (which then included Crossley, Furnival, Sisson), to form APE, Amalgamated Power Engineering. They were then taken over by NEI, and laterly Rolls Royce I believe. Sadly the history of Allens reflects the demise of British heavy engineering. Last time I visited the works there was some production, but the old diesel department end of the works was covered with houses. Allens also has a very good research / development facility about a mile up the road at Bidenham. There was also the gearing division at Pershore which built huge epicyclic gearboxes. Sorry for a bit of reminiscing - a product of old age.

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