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We finally had to bite the bullet (again) and get new drive shafts for the van. The N'S is knocking on corners and the right hand one can't be far away.

I was quite pleased to have got 250k miles out of them, as it is not a small van and we do tow a lot. New exchange shafts complete (both joints) are a very reasonable £108 each plus VAT trade. Fitting is a workshop job as I ain't sitting outside this weather with the suspension stripped down!

The shafts are very unequal in length, one being twice as long as the other due to the offset of the gearbox alongside the engine. I am wondering now if it is worth getting the clutch done while the shafts are out....:-))

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Peter Forbes Prepair Ltd Luton, UK email: home:

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While the van is being repaired, I suppose it qualifies as a "stationary" engine.


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It's been that as well, towed back from Spain in 1999 with a blown engine...


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