I have finally started a webshots album, not much in there as yet:-
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Nick Highfield
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Ahh, so you're one of those posh hot-air types. Hot-air, then hot-fog, what next, crack-cocaine?
The dark side is calling you, Nick, fight it!
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
Hot Air is Good ( Keeps my flat warm ! )
Hot Fog is Better ( Bigger is better yes ? )
Personally I love the smell of burnt kerosene wafting across an airfield ( but that's just me! )
Use the Fog Luke !
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Barry Ruck
what I am intrigued about is what is hidden under the big white sheet.
Martin P
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Yes I am fond of hot air/stirling engines, both vintage and modern. Don't know why that's particularly posh though.
If anything is calling it's the daft side!
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Nick Highfield
White sheet (actually grubby lab coat) was a poor attempt to provide a neutral background. probably draped over F&J farm pump engine.
Campingstoveman wrote >
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Nick Highfield

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