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I am still constantly amazed by the sheer volume of people that come and
look at the photos I display on Webshots. I put the Burford pics up on
Tuesday and when my 'stats arrived this morning, 328 people had been to see
them. They are only advertised on this forum, once, and I don't flatter
myself that it is my composition or colour balance they have come to see
;o)) I estimate from this that there are about 300 lurkers on this forum!
This last week, the albums with an engineering bent had 1,027 hits and the
Regia related albums had over 2,000 - but there are more of them.
I can only assume that some search engines are picking up keywords and
directing searchers to the album. We ought to think about that when
captioning pics.
All in all, I recommend Webshots to anyone wanting an easy and cheap way to
display their images
Kim Siddorn.
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J K Siddorn
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Kim, I get similar hits on my webshots also.
Martin P
J K Siddorn wrote:
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Maybe the hits aren't unique? Surely there couldn't be that many lurkers!
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Chris Crocker - White
We all like a good lurk now and then.
Mike Cole
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joan arc

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