4 Years of collecting streetcarmodels interviewed

Totally unsuspected my cooperation was being asked for an interview in a collectors-magazine. Never heard of it till now, but afterwards not so surprising. For the first time published some few months ago and now they came up with their 3th edition. The interview - by the chief-editor himself in a 3 hour session- has been done meanwhile. Around the first of April the interview came out. I was very pleased with its contents and proud in giving my contribution to it.

Around this time I realised me, that I started my collection some 4 years ago. Reason enough to make of both occasions something special. In presenting some pictures of my background and showing my entire collection - some 54 pieces now - in a chronological appearance.

In this way showing you one of the purposes of my trolley/tram/streetcar-collection: "THE EVOLUTION OF THE ELECTRIC STREETCAR IN EUROPE"

You can see this all at

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See you around ?


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Danny Soetens
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Nice models but I found the navigation difficult - Changing the round buttons to (say) a pointing hand would make their function more obvious.



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