Analogue controllers?

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008 20:45:54 +0000, Greg Procter wrote

That makes a lot of sense... especially as I'm looking to build a shunting layout!

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Hi Stimpy, Now we've gone right around the track back to the starting point! Not all "feed-back" controllers are equal!

I built my own and added/adjusted features and settings until I achieved what I specifically wanted. I presume that you will want to buy over the counter, and that limits you to whatever is on the market. John (whose advice is sacrosanct) advises that UK feedback controllers and Graham Farish controllers don't work together, so you have a problem! The promise of superior control from feedback is out there but there might not be an over the counter controller to live up to that promise. Most propriety development (controller wise) is being put into DCC and there are DCC decoders that will deliver on the promise. (more expensive admittedly) A possibility would be to use a cheap DCC CU/controller and table mount a good quality DCC decoder as your actual electronics unit of an analogue controller. The output of the DCC decoder would go to the block switches and other normal analogue paraphenalia to operate your railway. Adding further "cabs" would simply entail buying additional DCC decoders. The relevant questions you would want to ask when purchasing the DCC decoders are: is the motor output overload protected. Is the decoder of the feed-back type? What amperage can the decoder handle? (0.5-1.5 amp)

I guess this posting will generate more questions than it answers :-)

Greg.P. NZ

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