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A question about the real railbus, for which Airfix, and then Dapol modelled in their plastic kit. At each end are only two lights:-

Was it both white in the leading end, both red when trailiing, or One white when leading, one red when trailing. or some other combination. Did the illuminated headcode box, count as the white light.

The only image Google came up with was

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which seems to suggest that it was two white lights leading and an oil lamp for the rear.

Any offers ?

( Yes I ve seen the NYMR 's railbus but that has a different lighting arrangement alltogether , with a 'white' light in the middle of two reds at each end.)

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Are the M&GN railway (Sherringham, Norfolk) examples any help.

I recall from my teenage years that Sherringham had a pair of railbuses which were a different type the the NYMR examples. But, apart from the Sherringham regular service example having a dodgy battery charging system, I can't say much else about the difference.

- Nigel

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Nigel Cliffe

These chaps might know, or know someone who does:

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The pics at
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seem to show a different lighting arrangement to the kit, with three lights.

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Arthur Figgis

In message , turbo writes

I have just come across a picture of a Park Royal railbus leaving Boat of Garten on page 115 of Lost Lines: Scotland by Nigel Welbourn, Ian Allan, ISBN 0 7110 2276 3.

This clearly shows the "rear" of the railbus with a tail lamp above the nearside "buffer". The photograph is in black and white but the lens of the lamp is definitely very dark compared with the white of the built in lights.

If you would like a scan of the picture, let me have a valid email address.


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Bill Campbell


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Clearly the two white lights were only for forward running - a conventional oil tail light is hanging from the coupling hook!!

Regards, John Isherwood.

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