Are we adults, or children?

Having just completed a simple layout of the "Q" format. I cannot ever envisage playing trains as I did when a child, which was a spirit of make-believe about what was going on. I cannot see the layout as anything more than a test track for the other models that I build.

What do others do in this respect?

Indulge the self-same mindset that as do children?

Are we little more than harmless loonies?

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Could I suggest that all those things apply but perhaps coupled to an adult skill and knowlege related to the construction and even visualisation. I personally cannot find much room in my affection for the absolute scale representation of a specific site which needs hidden cassettes etc; Therefore I need to "work" that which I build and that usually requires both patience and imagination. I happily admit to a little eccentricity!

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I have the same problem as the OP. There must be a reason to do something, am still looking for one to just play. I watch my son playing and enjoy the trains that he puts together and just runs. But for myself I only test or run in locos on my own layout. at exhibitions I can happily watch various trains running round. Perhaps need to share with someone else.

cheers, Simon

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