Bachmann O-gauge 08 diesel - pictures.

Pictures of the 7mm scale (O-gauge) Bachmann Chinese-built brass 08 diesel shunter now on-line at:

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Best wishes, John Turner,

53A Models, Hull, UK.
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John Turner
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Thanks John, looks good except for those screws holding the rods on, but they would be easy to replace and at least they haven't used those dreadful brass wheels this time. Keith

Make friends in the hobby. Keith Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.

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Keith Norgrove

"Keith Norgrove" wrote

Looks to me like they've used Slater's (or similar) wheels and they're a

*big* improvement on what has gone before. Must say I'm impressed with the model, even if there are anomalies.


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John Turner

Ah, You have my attention again John! But this time I really can't afford it ! (What price is it anyway?) as I'm about to move house!.... Time to pack up the railway (Though not for long, it has a good loft and a nice back yard!)

As is always welcomed, whats your opinion of it?


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