Are there ANY dealers out there who actually stock Bachmann spares?

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Peter Abraham
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You might be able to get some from :- M.B Models

32 Conery Gardens Whatton NG13 9FD Tel :- 01949 850063 No E-mail or web-site, I'm afraid Failing that, you could try E-mailling Bachmann's service department directly- I've had some success there inthe past regards Brian
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BH Williams

I fear not. I once spoke with the MD of Bachman and he said categorically they were only interested in selling complete units.

A situation I personally find unhelpful to say the least.


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"Peter Abraham" wrote

Bachmann offer no trade discount on spares so there is no incentive to stock them.


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John Turner

Ah! I see.

I had suspicions that this was the case.

I have an otherwise sound BR 4MT which needs rewheeling. Having looked at Hornby diamentions I find that the Black 5 has the same diam wheels and crank throw and has insulated centres. It then requires to isolates the motor keeper plates and, the hard part, drill out the driven sprocket to suit the new axle. As Barrie at Modelspares has all these bits I shall give it a go. If it succeeds then it will be a good test bed for moving on to finer scale wheels.

It is such a pity - I like the appearance and reliable running of Bachmann but find the couplings and spares aspect a real pain.

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Peter Abraham

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