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Where can I get baseboard paint for 12 ml chipboard. I need black, grey and a grassy green. I have tried B&Q with no luck.

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"piemanlarger" wrote

I've traditionally used blackboard paint available from any quality decorator's shop for matt black. Some shops will mix emulsion or oil based paints to your specific colour. I could take you to a couple in Hull.


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John Turner

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I thought B&Q were one of the shops that will mix paint for you. Maybe you need to go to a B&Q depot or whatever they're called.

I think Homebase mixes paint as well, as long as it's Dulux. My local one does, but, again, I'm not sure if all of them do.

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John Sullivan

"John Turner" <

Some shops?

Doesn't every paint shop/department in the UK mix paints?

In North America, almost every can of paint you purchase, other than the base paints, are mixed in the shop when you buy them.

-- Cheers Roger T.

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Roger T.

Yes - you should be able to get any colour you want in matt latex.

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I walked past a paint mixing setup in our local B&Q this afternoon.


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