British Steam DVD/Video series question

Hi all
I note that there was a British Steam series (from newsagents in a 25 disc
series) available some time ago and am wondering if people here have it and
watched it and can tell me whether it is worth bothering with. I note it has
episodes called "The Singles"etc. and if these are good, I would love to see
them....... also, are the disc based ones DVD-Video, produced in documentary
form or are they just a series of images?
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I bought 2 of them - Princess Elizabeth and G2. each has at least 3 films from various sources. Princess one has 6201 from scrapyard to preservation, tragedy at harrow and 6100 first run Euston to Glasgow. 41 mins total. Enjoyed that one. G2 has interview with PW on restoration, coal tank and G2 on last trip to Abergavenny and the building of a Geoerge vth class at crewe. Not all that interesting, but havent seen many films of G2 so perhaps worth it. Mixed bunch on topic and quality. Would only recommend buying if you know exactly whats on a particular disc beforehand. One of them had a short old film on engine cleaning, was interesting from the 'atmosphere' point of view.
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