First railway almost done!

You can buy Peco Setrack foam underlay (ST255 - ST265) for points, which have the same geometry, although I don't know if the sleeper layout is identical. Peco Setrack curved points (ST244/5) are the same as Hornby, but better quality and more reliable in operation.

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After buying several items of track, I laid my daughter's birthday present last night to try it all out (I completed the baseboard a week or so ago). I've basically picked up almost the entire Hornby "trakmat", up to and including pack E, quite reasonably, from both specialist sellers and EBay shops.

Thanks for advice so far.

The train runs very well, I'm sure my daughter will be pleased with it.

I have only a couple of problems:

1) Where the level crossing is, the double track crossing and the single track crossing just don't seem to fit next to each other without distorting the track slightly. The road part of the crossing seems just too wide to allow the rails to fit at the correct spacing apart. And the centre of the road, where the white lines would be if you like, doesn't line up exactly. The rest of the track is laid perfectly on to of the photo trakmat.

Surely Hornby havn't designed it not to fit - what am I doing wrong?

Does someone make a 3 line level crossing, as that would look much better anyway.

2) Currently we have only a single train. Until I get more and a second controller, where is the best place to put power clips so that the entire track can be controlled with a the single controller? Unfortunately, Hornby have supplied a power track, rather than a power clip that I could mount onto a curve. I did have the forethought to buy a link (2 powerclips and a cable) but what is the minimum number of these am I likely to need altogether?

3) I bought some foam underlay on a roll. What is the best way of laying foam under the points? Can you buy foam sections ready shaped for Hornby points (I managed to find one on EBay for the right hand curved point, a product I believe now strangely discontinued, for which I am awaiting delivery)?

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David Mahon

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