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I'm just planning the purchase of a new Hornby train set for our 9yr old son and have contemplated using the Hornby TrakMat to get a quick start on the layout.

However, the TrakMat is really too big for the space we have available. Are there any alternative mats available which are smaller and which will fit with the Hornby track?

In addition, are there any good web sites where we can get some guidance on designing a track?



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David Ogden
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"David Ogden" wrote

The Hornby TrakMat is 6' x 4' which is about the minimum size in which you can fit a trainset and have any hope of expansion.


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John Turner

May layout is smaller than 6' x 4' (it's about 5.5' long, and 3' wide). I *just* about, with some jiggery pokery, get two ovals in. Only problem I have is that I'can't run some long trains, and some specific locos, such as the bigger one's, like and 8F. That said, I like tanks, so I'm happy. I got creative in the middle of area, building a station and goods yard, and just added a reversing loop.

I usde Hornby Virtual Railway 2 to design my layout. You can pickup copies of this on E-bay second hand. Or you can ask me privately, and I will sell you mine:-)

I have realised that I maybe should have gone N gauge, as that would allow me to "get more in", but would have meant my (almost) 3 year old would not have been able to play and run her Thomas on it.



John Turner wrote:

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Ian Cornish

And is there anything else that matters? Especially since your daughter can run her Thomas The Tank Engine, too!

Have fun!

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Wolf Kirchmeir

Thanks everyone for the advice and comments. Now we've had a closer look at the Hornby catalogue and started thinking about choosing engines, it's clear we're going to need the 2nd and 3rd radius curves, so the Trakmat would seem to be the way forward.

We'll just have to put up with our Dining Room being taken over by the railway every couple of weeks or so! Such hardship!

Thanks once again.


Wolf Kirchmeir wrote:

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David Ogden

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