Chasing an N2 Mainline body

Hi all
Just received a bunch of stuff in the mail. One item: A "new" Mainline N2
loco (bought as a graveyard lot) arrived and it has been cooked
somehow...... one entire side is bent and distorted as if it's been hit with
a heat lamp or similar. Anyway, I obviously need another body (livery
unimportant - bare bones body even, as all the applied stuff is fine) to
stick on a perfectly good chassis. If anyone can help, it would be much
ps. Have thoroughly inspected it with a view to repair and it is just not
practical - the distortion is too great and along too many axes. Of course,
if anyone wants a very funky looking loco for their Thomas Collection, this
would be great! :)
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Possibly this is a retool of an earlier brand (Dapol???) so another make may fit as well ..... also, I believe the N2 was also available from Dublo - might be nice to super-detail a dublo body with the later bits...... any help appreciated
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"mindesign" wrote
Will the current Hornby body not fit? If it does you should be able to source one through the usual specialist suppliers.
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John Turner
To be strictly correct the N2 body was tooled up for Airfix but it wasn't released until Airfix had been acquired by Palitoy so it appeared in the Mainline range. The tooling subsequently passed to Dapol and then was sold to Hornby.
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