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I'm a newcomer to the hobby, so please excuse any 'silly' questions.

I have a Hornby Class 06 that I thought would be a good candidate for my first weathering/detailing project.

I've been looking around for photos of engines other than 06003, without much success. I would like a re-spray in BR green, if that was ever appropriate to the class.

Can anyone provide photo links to examples in anything but BR blue?

Thanks in advance, Steve.

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Steve Wilson
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"Steve Wilson" wrote

Sorry both of these shots are blue, all I've got I'm afaraid:-

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John Turner

The 204hp. Andrew Barclay shunters were built in 1958-60 for the Scottish region and were delivered in green livery as numbers D2410 to D2444. There is a picture of D2413 in the as built green in Brian Haresnape, BR fleet survey 7,Diesel shunters, published by Ian Allen as ISBN 0 710 1449 3.

Withdrawals started in 1967, nos D2413/14/20-23/26/37/40/44 survived to carry blue livery as 06.001 to 06.010.

06-003 went to Reading Signal Works as departmental 97.804

Note nos D2410-24 had 3 windows in rear of cab, D2425-44 only had 2 windows so your choice of number depends on the model cab windows.


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Keith Norgrove

Try and search these two books:

"Pictorial Record of the Diesel Shunter" by Marsden, published by OPC and "The Diesel Shunter", also by Marsden. Quite a few green 06's amongst those. My favourite is D2413 (IIRC) carrying three BR emblems on one side, because someone's been having fun with engine room doors!

I think most, if not all, 06's were originally delivered in green without wasp stripes. Note that the cab stripes on all the 06 phots I've seen aren't at the "standard" angle as other shunters. They are much "steeper". Compare an 06 cab phot, with that say, of an 08. Bonnet stripes vary from loco to loco. Some are chevron, and some are horizontal!

You might want to look out for a few detailing parts from A1 models and Branchlines. B/L also do a complete replacement chassis kit.

HTH, Mick

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Mick Bryan

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