Class 17, Ping John Turner

John, any clues as to availability of the Heljan 17's? Would you be prepared to quote me for one, including carriage to the North of Scotland? Badger.

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From: "Badger" Subject: Class 17, Ping John Turner

Hi Brian,

The first batch of Claytons are due December 2008, but I believe Heljan are fully sold out, and our advanced orders are all spoken for.

Sorry mate!


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John Turner

Are they designed to break down as often as the real thing?

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Presumably one fits a DCC chip and a steam loco smoke generator. It should look convincing :-)

- Nigel

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Nigel Cliffe

Heh. Wasn't the Class 17 just about the least successful diesel class ever introduced? ISTR that some were withdrawn within 5 years of being built. Having said that, I can certainly see the novelty value of having one on a model railway.

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It was certainly the largest class that proved next to useless, an expencive mistake, it would have been cheaper to have asked English Electric to redesign the EE Type 1 (class 20) to have two cabs!.

ISTR that some were withdrawn within 5 years of

I think, and I'm greatly saddened in saying this but, the Baby Deltics must carry that distinction, delivered in 1959, most were out of use and stored at Stratford by 1965 (with many engine failures before, so away from earning revenue) - they then all went back to English Electric for in effect a rebuild - withdrawals started in 1969 and were complete by the end of 1971 with one exception that carried on in departmental stock based at Derby R&D until 1976...

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