Coach Roofs N Gauge

Looking for some spare roofs in Farish N Gauge for Mk1/2&3 vehicles.
Have bodies with no roofs!!
Anyone with something in there scrap box?
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Nothing to offer but have you checked out venetian blinds, I had a similar problem and used sections for the roofs, took a while to add the detail but it looked okay. If you ask around you can usually get one from someone's attick, modern ones are aluminium, older ones are some kind of plastic but it does stick with Mek Pac or Plastic Magic
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Mike Smith
Ever thought of casting new ones from resin? You only need one original to make the mould.
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No, its still theft.
And, as far as I know, Farish still sell coaches. So if you want a roof, you buy a coach. If not happy with that arrangement, you design and make your own roof.
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe

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