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Hello, If I go the DCC route in N gauge, is it definitely possible to fit DCC decoders to all n gauge traction including the diddy saddle tank or pannier tank 0-6-0s? I know the decoders are small but I can't see where they would fit in my saddle tank!!


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Luke Briner
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See this by way of example:

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Select "Links"from the left menu, then "DCC Info". Click on "Thomas the Tank Engine" under DCC Installations in the main window.

To get _really_ extreme, see this:

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No more whining about "I can't put a decoder in this!", OK?

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Joe Ellis

"Luke Briner" wrote

You may have to fit the decoder into a wagon or coach which is semi-permanently attached to the loco.


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John Turner

I thought we'd moved on from Zero-1 ! :-)

In answer to Luke, yes it can be done for any of the locos you have mentioned, but you'll need to shop around for suitable small decoders. Also, you need to insulate the brush gear on Farish locos from the chassis block (can be done, I believe there is a commercial kit of bits to do it if you cannot work out how to DIY it). One place for a DCC decoder if all else fails is the cab roof.

CT-electronik in Austria have some small decoders (DCX-74) which receive favourable comment from some of my friends (makers of the VW bus quoted by Joe, etc).

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Silly small vehicles with DCC to add to the VW bus mentioned by Joe
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worth digging around this site for clues on mounting DCC decoders in N gauge locos. Even if you cannot read German (or get it (mis-)translated by Google), the pictures will say quite a lot.

Continuing the theme of small locos, my Class 02 diesel has loads of space for a DCC decoder without blocking the cab windows, John Greenwood has just gone DCC (Beattie 2-4-0 well tanks in 2mm scale), etc...

- Nigel

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Nigel Cliffe

Join DCCUK at yahoo groups and ask the same question there, There are a number of people using DCC in N (and at least one in Z). Someone will almost certainly be able to tell you, and which decoder, and how to do it.


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