converting farish 33/0 to 33/1

Evening group... I have a notion/need to convert one of my farish class 33/0
to class 33/1 (with bagpipes).
Does anyone know of a detailing kit available or has anyone scratched this?
What materials did you use?
What was the end result? (pix)
Any ideas, anyone?
My current thoughts (not withstanding any detailing kits) it to form the
pipes from copper wire solerd across another piece of wire (at rightangle)
so forming a T shape with the pipes forming the stem and then a lot of
delicate filing to get the requiered shape. The some fiddly painting and
If nothing is forthcoming here, I'll press ahead and see what it turns out
like... I'll post piccies along the way.
best regards
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Taylor Precision Models do a superb conversion for the Farish 33, including a resin plug in end and etched pipes.
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It's really easy to put together, you don't need to repaint the loco and it looks superb.
BTW, I'm developing a kit for the Class 491 4-TC at the moment (end of plug).
Regards, Adam Warr, Peterborough UK Electra Railway Graphics
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perfect - just what I was after.. Thanks!
it is amazing just how much doesn't get found in a search when mired with a million "kiss my whip" sites
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:o) that's what my 4VEP (from you) is destined to be
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Got some new ends from Bernard... did one last night - have a look, comments, criticisms, money...?
seriously, I am really *REALLY* pleased with it so far... I must say though, you definately have to paint them, out of the pack they are a sort of pale yellow-green reminiscent of a "glow-in-the-dark" type plastic...
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