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I have been constructing OO pointwork using coppercald sleepers and code 70 rail for very many years now, with a great deal of success and satisfaction. Starting a new layout as I did, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to incorporate a double junction which, of necessity, means using a diamond crossing, the first I will ever have built.

I suddenly find, after all these years, I have very little, or indeed no, idea how to construct this so that it works electrically. If the feed and return are to the two outermost rails, how in heaven's name do I wire for the two point frogs and where are the sleeper cuts to stop shorting?

Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.


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The diamond has two crossing V's. Each must be insulated with breaks on the approach to the V (as per a turnout). Each must be switched depending on which way the crossing is being approached.

Depending on your layout wiring, you may choose to switch the outer rails as well, though its not necessary if everything is live at all times (eg. DCC and some analogue schemes). But, whatever happens, you have to switch both crossing V's depending on the route you are using.

More stuff here:

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around section " 4.1.8 - Page 4 " and the diagrams referenced from that area.

- Nigel

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Nigel Cliffe

You need to keep the left and right rails of each track seperated, so you need 4 gaps in the diamond so that the two Vee crossings (frogs) are seperated from the K crossings, the K crossings as you suggest are connected to feed and return. Since this is a double junction you need extra changeover contacts on the junction points to switch the diamond crossing frogs. I can't effectively describe that in detyail in text, it needs a drawing, contact me off list via if you want to take it further. Keith Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.

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Keith Norgrove

Nigel and Keith,

Thanks guys, I think I finally get the picture.

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