Information has been released, but as it all seems to be GWR I didn't bother reading further.

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There's some Southern steam stuff planned for 2005, and Class 73s in the next month or so.

Rolling stock is better for those of use who model other regions. The gunpowder van has now been produced in a variety of railway liveries. The NBR version has just been released (2-3 weeks early) and the NER version is due next month. I intend to buy a couple of these soon, to help encourage Dapol.

Yes, it would be good for more northerly stuff from Dapol, but there are quite a few LNER and LMS engines available already - don't forget Union Mills and the various kit manufacturers.

I think Dapol are doing an excellent job and are to be encouraged. (if you're reading this Dapol, your previously rumoured release of an LYR pug would find an instant purchase from this quarter - as well as any LNER models :-) )

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I guess there's no stopping the GWR BRanchline bandwagon, with Dapol 14xx and 45xx on the way...

The good news is the impending release of the Class 73 and a promised SR M7 for next year.

Nothing currently for LMS and LNER fans, though I'll bet the M7 will see some conversions and bodyline kits appearing!

If 2004 has been anything to go by, I wouldn't be surprised if they announce somethiong else during next year.

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It would help if they spent a bit longer researching the liveries - I undertsand the running numbers on the B Sets are wrong, the CCTs are all wrong and the Maroon MR one is simply make believe, and now the Autocoach is lined out in Maroon, when if ModelRail have it right it should be unlined.

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"Mike Parkes" wrote

This is just so typically Dapol - if a job's worth doing it's worth doing wrong!


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